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Knowledge for boiling water tap & all information about under sink water dispenser.....

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Faucet Benefits and Installation Guide

An instant hot water dispenser faucet is a kitchen appliance designed to offer immediate access to boiling water. Typically installed […]

What is an Instant Hot Water Dispenser: Your Quick Guide to Instantaneous Heat

An instant hot water dispenser is a modern kitchen appliance that provides hot water on demand, dispensing it directly from […]

Kitchen Faucet with Filtered Water Dispenser: Integrated Solutions for Clean Water Access

In recent years, the importance of clean and safe drinking water has become a paramount concern for many homeowners. The […]

The benefits of under-sink soda chiller

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of under-sink soda water machines and provide some tips for choosing the right one.

Safety features for boiling water tap

In this blog, we introduce what is a boiling tap, the safety features of a boiling water tap,such as child safety lock,cooling touch,and so on.

The difference between R134a and R600a

In this blog, we introduced the principle of compressor cooling, the difference between the refrigerant R134a and R600a and how can choose it in water chiller.

Sugar-free beverages for the Chinese market

Zero sugar, zero calories, zero fat... People are seeing these labels more often on the beverage bottles and cans in the supermarkets, how is the Chinese market for sugar-free beverages?

Chiller carbonator market analysis

What is the market potential of under sink soda chiller and how should the product development be. The following proposals are put forth in the hope that they would generate more public discussion and get more valuable ideas.

Low-pressure kitchen tap for non-pressurized open vent boiler

This article briefly introduces what's the meaning of water pressure, and compares the working principles of a normal faucet and a low-pressure faucet. Understanding the non-pressurized system can help us make better choices in under sink kitchen tap water system.

Tea drinking culture around the world

From this passage,we will find that the tea culture has a long history, and different countries have different tea drinking. In addition, healthy tea culture also makes the development of the water system. Hcdrink can provide different function water for making different tea at any time.

History of boiling water tap

In this blog, we have made a brief history of taps. Find that the boiling water taps can be faster and more convenient. We will continue to strive to improve drinking water equipment to enhance our quality of life.

Knowledge about kitchen faucet material

In this passage, we know faucets play important role in our kitchen. After analysis of copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and plastic materials, we recommend copper and stainless steel faucet. At last, we have a detailed comparison of stainless steel and copper materials, and make a guide us and how to tell the difference.