hcdrink Water Filters

Anti-scale activated carbon water filters
G 3/8 international standard fast connector
Single or double stage selection as demands
Replaceable filter cartridge
Anti-scale & anti-bacteria
All material meets NSF stardard
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HCdrink filters at a glance

2.2L/ minute water flow, filtration accuracy ≥2um
Easy change for filter cartridge
FOF inhibitor anti-scale is a must to protect water boiler
filter parts
LS5002052 anti-bacteria filter cartridge
dual filter
Change filter cartridge every 2000L or each 6 months
International standard quick connection
Small size saves under-cabinet space
anti-scale filter

HCdrink FOF anti-scale filter

The active ingredients of FOF directly participate in and interfere with the formation process of scale nuclei in the form of ions during the budding stage of scale growth, that is, the initial stage of scale nucleus formation, causing the nucleus to be distorted, forcing it to die in the development stage. There is no longer any possibility of scale.

Change filter cartridge every 6 months

1. Counterclockwise rotation of the filter cartridge housing.
2. Remove the cartridge to be replaced.
3. Place a new cartridge.
4.Tighten the cartridge housing clockwise.
filter cartridge
filter size

HCdrink FOF filter Drawing

Enclosed drawing shows the size for Hcdrink single filter.
The dural one is 2 single filters used together. One is used for anti-scale, the other one is used for anti-bacteria.

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