hcdrink soda chiller

HCdrink Chillers & Soda Chillers


Type: Chiller
Max Temp: 8°C
Min Temp: 5°C


Type: Chiller
Max Temp: 12°C
Min Temp: 3°C


Type: Soda Chiller
Max Temp: 12°C
Min Temp: 3°C


Core Features

Direct filtered chilled & chilled carbonated tap water.
Produces filtered ambient, chilled, and sparkling water 
Under counter design saves counter space
Chilled water temperature from 3-12 degrees
Support to connect with standard filterations
UV sterlization for chilled water
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hcdrinkwater undersink chiller core strengths
UV sterlizationtouch panelleak detector

Diverse and Powerful Capabilities

Broad application: Home & commercial use-offices, bars
Supports many types of faucets
Combine with any standard filteration system
UV effluent sterilization, high sterilization rate
R600A environmentally friendly refrigerant
Soda water and ice water dual cooling mode
Circulating pump, stratified effluent to control the temperature of the effluent at 3-6 Celsius degrees
All stainless steel wire drawing and ABS top cover, simple and fashionable appearance
10l/h chilled water from Pro chiller,5-6l/h soda water from soda chiller
Without ICE bank to keep impact design: 40X23X42cm

Rigorous and Closely Coordinated Production Process

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