We produce
a full range of
under sink water dispenser

From instantly filtered boiling water, cold water and sparkling tap water, to all-in-one faucets, we produce it all.

Multi-functions, Free combination

HCdrink under sink water dispenser consists 3 parts, a faucet, a machine and a filter. Any parts can be choosed from different models and combine freely to have the functions you want.

Choose a faucet  with both style and function

Faucets with different functions can be combined with any Hcdrink's boiler, chiller to meet different functional request. Easy installation makes your sales easy both online and offline.


Dispense filtered boiled water and filtered cold water or filtered chilled water.
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3in1 water tap


Gives you filtered boiled water besides normal hot and cold water
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4in1 water tap


Besides the functions from 3 in1, you can get filtered cold water or filtered chilled water.
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5in1 kitchen faucet


Includes all the functions from a tap, filtered boiling water, chilled water, carbonated water besides normal cold and warm water, a real tap master in the kitchen.
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Child-Safety- Lock

Child-Safety- Lock

Patented cartridge design ensures that all HCdrink faucets have a child safety lock to prevent accidental scalding.
Separate Water Channel

Separate Water Channel

Separate waterways ensure healthy and accurate temperature for best taste.

Get the machine  for boiling, chilled or soda water

Different capacity meets home or commercial request, customised logo to creat your own brand.
hcdrink 2.4L water boiler

2.4L boiler

1.6L continuous boiling water, the choice of most family.
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hcdrink 4L water boiler

4L boiler

2.2L continuous boiling water, suitable for big families, offices and commercial spaces.
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under sink chiller


2L chilled water/minute, more than 10L chilled water/hour at 3℃-12℃. Workable for both home and commercial area.
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hcdrink under sink soda chiller

soda chiller

Provides both chilled water and chilled soda water. Dual water tank with double cooling system. Chilled feeling at your fingertips.
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easy installation for under sink water system

Easy installation

Just finish the connections according to the number marked on the hose. One spanner gets it done within 30 minutes.
small size water boiler under the sink

Small size

Small size and high heating efficiency, suitable for any under kitchen space.

Have  better taste with  water filter

banner for hcdrink water filter
anti-scale and anti-bacteria filter


Anti-scale & anit-bacteria filter for protecting machine & improve water taste.
BWT 3M hcdrink water filter

Open connector

Support to connect with any brands of water filter with standard connector

Install and enjoy  instant boiling, chilled and soda water now.

  • I am happy to cooperate with Hcdrink. My consumers like boiling water tap very much, they are checking if we can provide sparkling water tap to make soda drink from tap.
    Michael Clinton
    The Hot Tap, UK
  • I‘ve got the sample! It is amazing how good it is. Could not be better. We are ove the moon! Now it's selling time! Great product!
    Easycooking, Danmark
  • I have shown at our fair with the customers of great interest and we would like to work with Hcdrink in the long term. Do you have a draft cooperation contract that you can send me?
    Intercon, Germany

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