Safety features for boiling water tap

In this blog, we introduce what is a boiling tap, the safety features of a boiling water tap,such as child safety lock,cooling touch,and so on.

What is a boiling water tap?

An instant boiling water tap, also known as a hot water dispenser, is a device that provides boiling water on demand, typically through a dedicated faucet that is installed on the kitchen countertop or sink. These kitchen taps are designed to deliver hot water instantly, eliminating the need to boil water in kettles or on the stove, and they can save time.

Boiling water taps are a convenient and efficient way to quickly access boiling water for cooking, beverages, and other uses. And it can provide water at temperatures ranging from around 45°C to 98°C. Nowadays, Iwater designed many instant boiling water taps. Pull-out model, spring model, single handle faucet to match all kinds of requests from the consumers. Also more multi-function kitchen faucets.

However, it is important to follow safety precautions when using these taps, as the water they dispense can be very hot and may pose a burn risk if not handled properly. Previous research on bun injury incidents among children aged 0 to 4 years shows that this is a high-risk age group(5 times higher than other age groups) in terms of admission to a burns unit. 80% of serious burn injuries among young children are caused by hot liquids. Kettles account for 5% and teapots for 4% of the most serious hot liquid burn injuries among young children. No incidents of burns through boiling-water taps have been found.

Safety features for boiling water tap

1. Child safety lock

A boiling water tap child safety lock is a device designed to prevent children from accidentally activating or using a boiling water tap, which could result in burns or scalds. These safety locks are typically installed on the handle or control unit of the boiling water tap and require a specific action to be performed before the tap can be turned on.

There are several types of boiling water tap child safety locks available on the market, including:

1.1 Electronic child safety lock

Such as Quooker, by using the Textured LED Ring,push-push-turn (LED ring lights red) to unlock the child lock then get hot boiling water. You can watch the video on how to use a Quooker boiling water tap.

1.2 Mechanical child safety lock

Such as Hcdrink, our boiling water tap has a safety button that must be pushed in at the same time as turning the handle. If it is a young child turns on the tap, it will be very difficult, he does not have enough strength, but it is easy for an adult to turn on the tap to get boiling water. When the button is released it springs back and the water flow stops, meaning it will not run when left unattended.

1.3 Magnetic suction unlock

With the touch of a key fob, the instant boiling water tap gives you instant access to steaming hot filtered water, whilst being able to store it out of reach of little hands when not in use.

2. Cooling touch

A boiling water tap cooling touch is a safety feature on some models of boiling water taps. It is designed to prevent accidental burns or scalds by keeping the tap’s spout and handle cool to the touch, even when the water flowing from it is boiling hot. 

Hcdrink uses a separate boiling water pipe helps to keep the boiling water separate from the regular water supply, preventing any contamination or mixing. The food-grade silicone tube is a safe and hygienic option for carrying hot water, as it is non-toxic, non-reactive, and resistant to high temperatures. The metal insulation around the pipe helps to keep the hot water at the desired temperature and prevents any heat loss, making it energy-efficient.

3. Venturi suction back

A Venturi suction back is a type of water heating system that uses the Venturi effect to circulate water through the system. This system works by creating a vacuum in the boiler, which draws water through a narrow tube and into the system. The water is then heated and circulated back into the boiler. We use this principle to prevent boiling water from dripping out of the tap and scalding.

4. Fixed installation position, no wire pulling

Being in a fixed position, without a cable that can be easily grabbed and pulled, means it’s impossible to accidentally knock over. This helps minimize any unfortunate accidents involving scalding water.

5. Water filter for drinking safety

If you live in a hard water area, you have probably looked inside your kettle to be greeted by the sight of limescale. Luckily, the majority of boiling water taps include a filter.

These filters purify and remove the hardness from the water before it can reach the boiler tank, which will help the tank stay limescale free, and give you great-tasting water. Filtered boiling water also protects your body from disease. The filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months or 2,000L according to local water quality.

Hcdrink boiling water tap can connect external reverse osmosis (RO) or ultrafiltration (UF) water purifiers. Both RO and UF systems are designed to remove impurities and contaminants from water, providing you with clean and safe drinking water.

6. Electrical safety certificate

An electrical safety certificate is a document that verifies that electrical work or installations have been carried out in compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations. This certificate serves as proof that the electrical installation or work has been assessed and is deemed safe to use.

Hcdrink’s boiling water dispenser has CE, CB, UL, and so on certificates. And can be sold and used with confidence. It is important to look for these certifications to ensure that the product meets appropriate safety standards.


By incorporating these safety features for boiling water taps, it can be a safe and convenient addition to any modern kitchen.

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