Noiseless temperature control water boiler for kitchen faucet

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Large capacity, low noise, good design suitable for office use.
The instant boiler provides hot water how much you need and didn’t waste water .whether it is direct drinking or brewing, has a utilization rate of 100%.
It also eliminates the health hazards of “chlorinated water”.

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Digital display with adjustable temperature
The electronic model comes with a digital display to have different temperature settings, temperature showing, and filtration monitor if needed. The hot water temperature can be set at different temperatures according to the needs, such as 55℃ degrees for milk, 90℃ for green tea, 95℃ for coffee, 98℃ for pasta, etc. The hot water temperature is obvious on the boiler’s screen, we can cook or make hot drinks according to our request.

Easy cleaning for limescale
HCDRINK’s water boilers are all assembled with a patented venturi system. The venturi ensures that the water stored in the boiling water pipe is quickly sucked into the venturi system when the users release the boiling water button. So that there is no scale from boiling water dripping.

Easy installation

One blue index inlet and one red index outlet on the top of the water boiler, just connect the filtered water pipe and boiling water pipe, we are ready to get purified boiling water from the tap.

Boiling water capacity
2.2L /time
AC 110V / 220V
combine with any water boiler and chiller

Works with any styles of faucets

HCdrink water boiler has standard interfaces to work with any style of faucet. So the system can work at home, in bars, and in offices. Following the HCdrink faucets support to have different combinations with multi-functions of water processing.

Small space need for your under counter

Each HCDRINK4L has soft rubber feet on the bottom allowing it also to be placed flat anywhere underneath the counter, small space is required and available for storage of office items under counter.

separate water channel
separate water channel

Size Specification

The water boiler has the size of just a little large than the shoebox
and fits into any under-cabinet space, HCDRINK’s 4L under-counter water boiler is one of the most efficient models on the market.